About Us

Mutual fund Agents

We back in 2003 when Tax free RBI Bonds regime gone we have decided to make awareness and work on availability of the Mutual Fund in Bhadohi and Varanasi which are two important districts of U.P.

The Journey was tough indeed when financial literacy is as little as people think & treat Mutual Funds and chit funds in a same manner and still where bank FD as well as Life Insurance are considered being the only safest & profitable Investment tool which can give maximum returns and safety.

We have started MF distribution with a passion to create extraordinary wealth in the long run for retail & HNI’s investors and for short term management of funds for corporates.

Our concept is simple & only Mantra was to be honest with your work and clients and not to do mis-selling.

As an organization with a passion for investor advisory & ethics we focus on Debt and liquid money management and to build in the discipline of SIP and STP’s for Investing in Equity Oriented Mutual Funds.

Our focus is leading the entire team towards making a big difference in financial investment through professional, transparent practices with a personal touch.
As qualified professional 3 Chartered Accountants in family have joined, we are now ready to expand the business with rapid speed. Our motto to investors are “We help to multiply your investment beating inflation with tax Planning”.

Our 5 ‘T’

We believe in 5 ‘T’ which are as follows:











Our investors add Thukral as 6th ‘T’ which is bonus and good wishes from them which enforce our team to give best after sales service. All these initiative make our AUM of Rs.600 Cr. & it’s still growing and vision is to become among Top 50 Partners of India in IFA category.

In last but not the least, we believe in the excellence and perfection in the timely execution of planning as well as investment focusing goal oriented approach in various assets class including mutual funds. Our journey started from small town of Bhadohi to Varanasi and now entered in Delhi NCR to achieve reality of our dreams with the mantra of execution.